Concerns raised over traffic chaos if pedestrianisation of King Street goes ahead. Print
Written by Len Thomson   
Saturday, 08 May 2010 04:07
Businesses' concerns heighten over fear that  traffic re-routing to accommodate proposed plans for pedestrianisation will be hopelessly flawed. Existing signage proves to be totally inadequate to cope with the everyday events, whereby HGV drivers relying on their SATNAV for directions continue to enter King Street causing endless queues of traffic, and damage to parked cars. There is a feeling that between Highways and Cheshire East, there has been a  failure to address the existing issues that continuously prove that the signage is inadequate, why should they be able to provide a solution to a new set of issues that will no doubt create new challenges. If you have any views or concerns over Pedestrianisation of King Street, the Knutsford Business Club will be holding a Meeting at 6.00pm in the Angel Hotel on Tuesday 18th May 2010 for any traders or businesses that would like to have their ideas and concerns shared and supported.
Photo taken 7th May 2010 outside the Knutsford Wine Bar
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