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Written by Len Thomson   
Tuesday, 11 August 2009 08:40

Following a request for help to the Knutsford Business Club regarding the power cuts experienced by businesses in the centre of Knutsford, and subsequent help from George Osborne, Shadow Chancellor and MP for Tatton progress can now be reported.

Following a meeting between Scottish Power and a Commercial Director of one of the restaurants affected, he reported "that he is pleased to say that things appear to have settled down for their business although I understand there have been some outages in recent weeks. There does at least appear to be a long term plan in place and there is now an effective line of communications. It is a pity that we had to shout and scream to get it but on hopes that this progress will continue."

Rachael Williams, Customer Service Team Manager for Scottish Power wrote that she can confirm from our discussions the following;

"Our short-term plans are now completed.  This involved reconfiguration of the local network to redistribute the recently connected loads, increasing the capacity to King Street.  This should improve the security of the electricity supply under normal operating conditions. 

In the long term we are working with our design teams to propose a further scheme of works that will involve reinforcement and upgrade to the network that supplies the businesses in King Street area.  This will provide greater security and operational capabilities in respect to the electricity supplies in the immediate area.  As discussed this is a longer process with detailed planning required and liaison with the local council in order to comply with our statutory requirements under the Streetworks Act.  I will endeavor to keep you updated of the progress of this work and have also have noted your request for this work to be carried out in January/February 2010.

As you are aware Scottish Power Energy Networks cannot guarantee a continuous supply of electricity or consistent voltage, as there will always be circumstances beyond our control, which can affect the electrical network.  Faults occur from time to time but unfortunately, we are unable to predict when and where they will happen.  However, the recent work completed during July should improve the security of your supply.

I trust this information reassures you of our commitment to improving the reliability of your supply.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further assistance.  I have enclosed my business card, however, should I be unavailable please contact Kerry Ruscoe 0151 609 2230 who has been updated of recent events.

Should any business have an issue they would like to raise that affects their business do not hestitate to email the Knutsford Business Club which can be contacted initially on



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